About Me

My name is Paul Biddulph and I am a trained psychotherapist, originally from Ireland but have been practicing in the UK for several years now.

I have broad treatment experience from years working with medical insurance and healthcare providers. I would describe my approach as Eclectic, drawing upon elements of Gestalt, CBT, Psychodynamic and Person Centred Therapies to deliver a tailored treatment plan for the individual.

I work with those who have reached the limits or are exhausted with CBT and who are looking for a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of what they are suffering with and how better they can be supported.

I work with those going through signficant loss and grief, whether it is a loved one who has passed or whether it is a relationship that has come to an end.

I also specialise in Trauma support, understanding how the mind works and exploring ways of expressing held pain in a safe, supported space. This may range from workplace stress to pain from the past coming to the surface.

I have an academic background in Sociology, specifically in areas of race and gender identity support. I am LGBTQ and able to offer a range of supportive spaces based on experience.

I am Autistic and have been on my own journey of discovery with this, as such I offer support to those on their own journey with Autism and ADHD and have been continuing my professional training in supporting those areas.

Therapy is not a quick fix, but it is a great way to push back and allow yourself the time and space to discover parts of who you are that can be lost due to the demands and pressures of life. Many will talk about self-discovery, but I view it rather as a space to cultivate wisdom. A space to find acceptance and experience compassion for who you are.